Where I think I work best is with couples struggling with infidelity, sex addiction and love addiction. I understand the entire width and breadth of addiction and am dedicated to rooting out how this came to be for the person, which is way before their current relationship.  I also deeply understand the complexity of the trauma that betrayal causes.

Having worked with trauma for 20 years; sex addiction and betrayal trauma for 10, and understanding love addiction and attachment issues for 27 years, I get it.  The journey of repair for this is complicated and needs a highly qualified professional to educate, support, confront and direct appropriately.

I work with people in groups and individually, through workshops both on-line and in-person.  Because there are so many places in the world that are suffering from this problem, my goal is to be able to reach everyone who truly wants help, and is committed to make a change.

My fees

$180 for 55 minutes for individual sessions

$200 for 55 minutes for couples sessions

$70 for an hour and a half group sessions

Fee varies for on-line and in-person workshops

Please know I am not on any insurance panels.

We begin with a thorough assessment to determine if indeed this is addiction and then what is going to best serve the client’s needs to arrest the behavior, understand how he/she came into this crisis, and how to live life more fully.  We really want to know if certain behaviors have crossed a line or not.  We look at the individual and the relationship and also help with impact on the family.

The question: “How do I know if I am ‘addicted’ or not?” is an important one.

This simple, free, confidential test developed by expert Dr. Patrick Carnes is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive behavior which may indicate the presence of sex addiction.  Developed in cooperation with hospitals, treatment programs, private therapists, and community groups, it provides a profile of responses, which help to discriminate between addictive and non-addictive behavior.

Click here to take the sex addiction screening test (simple, free, and confidential).

If your score indicates possible addiction, contact us for more information and help.