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Letters to a Sex Addict cover

Letters To A Sex Addict: The Journey Through Grief and Betrayal

Diving deeply into the psyches of those whose lives are shattered by betrayal and the resultant feelings of hurt, rage, resentment and despair, this book directly mirrors a partner's experiences from multiple perspectives. Each letter, written by the author, explores a different facet of the relationship dynamic, the addict's illness, and the partner's thoughts and feelings throughout all the stages of this devastating experience.


Letters From A Sex Addict: My Life Exposed

Co-written with Dan Drake, these letters show the progress of an addict’s mind from active addiction through into recovery.  Each section has specific reflective questions for both the addict and the partner to be used as a workbook or within couples therapy sessions.  For anyone who better wants to understand the internal workings of a sex addict’s mind.