Dan Drake - Banyan Therapy Group, Los Angeles, CA

Dan and I wrote Letters From A Sex Addict together in 2017.  I highly recommend his book Full Disclosure written with Janice Caudill.  Therapeutic Disclosure is a crucial piece for any couple facing infidelity or sex/porn addiction.


Robyn Lipkowitz - MSW

Robyn is currently seeing partners of sex addicts with SACC. She is a licensed social worker/therapist and specializes in working with individuals who have been impacted by sex addiction and infidelity.

Robyn started counseling 20 years ago after receiving her Master's Degree in Social Work at University of Texas at Austin. Over the course of her career she worked with public policy and administration on issues related to improving the lives of children and families in poverty. Now she has found a real affinity for working with partners and helping them heal from the trauma of discovering their partner's sexual addiction and infidelity and help them find their authentic selves.



Sudara creates jobs for women in India to save them from becoming prostitutes.  The company provides hope and opportunity through living-wage jobs, skills training, and education.  A portion of SACC’s income is donated to Sudara each year.


Alma, SACC’s therapy dog

Alma is a calm, loving, intuitive Border Collie, Lab mix who facilitates sessions.  Her name, appropriately, means soul in Spanish.

Alma came from the Boulder Humane Society four years ago and has been helping clients from the beginning.  She is there for connection if needed and takes space when someone is feeling overwhelmed. And she hates saying good-bye!