About Wendy


Wendy Conquest, LPC, MA, CSAT-S, is a psychotherapist, trainer, and author. Her book, Letters To A Sex Addict; The Journey Through Grief and Betrayal was published in 2013. Her second book, Letters From A Sex Addict; My Life Exposed, co-authored with Los Angeles therapist Dan Drake, creates a unique experience of hearing “addicts voices” from denial through recovery.

Ms. Conquest has developed multiple programs dealing with drug, alcohol, sex addiction, sexual abuse, women’s issues and treating partners of sex addicts. She has also served as director, clinical director, and clinical supervisor for various treatment facilities in Colorado.  In addition to being a sex addiction therapist, Wendy incorporates EMDR, BrainSpotting, Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP), and attachment repair with clients. Her private practice focuses on treating sex addiction, porn addiction and the underlying and resulting trauma including childhood sexual abuse.

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“After being a therapist for 20 years I have realized at some time in our lives, we need someone who is intelligent, sensitive, honest and direct to help us when we are in crisis. For the last 10 years I have specialized in infidelity. This includes assessment, education and treatment for pornography, sex addiction and betrayal trauma. Treating the addiction is the first part. Next is figuring out what a healthy emotional, psychological and sexual relationship is for the couple.”

Originally trained as a couples and family therapist, Wendy brings a unique mix of training and experience to her work, whether that be her writing, workshops, or individual sessions.

She has been an influential trainer and supervisor for other therapists since 2003, dedicated to educating counselors to be the best in the field.

In addition she revels in working collaboratively with other organizations.  A percentage of SACC’s profits are donated to help women around the world from being or becoming part of the sex industry.

“A great joy and honor for me is to be able to collectively work towards creating something meaningful.”

Wendy's Certifications


IITAP - Sex Addiction Therapist and Supervisor

Ms. Conquest was  one of the last therapists to receive her clinical training in sex and porn addiction directly from Dr. Patrick Carnes, the founder of sex addiction treatment.  She has been nationally supervising other CSATs since 2012 when she received her IITAP certification.



One of the main effective treatments for trauma, Brainspotting locates points in the client’s visual field that help to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain.  Originally trained in 2009 with certification in 2014.


IBP - Integrative Body Psychotherapy

Certified in 1995, this modality is crucial in Wendy’s work with couples and quickly identifying when sexual touch can be re-established and how to learn full healthy sexuality.


The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists 

This training and mindset is seeing a partner of a sex addict as highly traumatized versus a “co-addict”.  All education and treatment is based on this belief and research.


EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Original bilateral trauma protocol to move trauma from the midbrain to the cerebral cortex. Wendy was trained in 2000 and has used this modality throughout her career.

Wendy's Books

Letters to a Sex Addict cover

Letters To A Sex Addict: The Journey Through Grief and Betrayal

Diving deeply into the psyches of those whose lives are shattered by betrayal and the resultant feelings of hurt, rage, resentment and despair, this book directly mirrors a partner's experiences from multiple perspectives. Each letter, written by the author, explores a different facet of the relationship dynamic, the addict's illness, and the partner's thoughts and feelings throughout all the stages of this devastating experience.


Letters From A Sex Addict: My Life Exposed

Co-written with Dan Drake, these letters show the progress of an addict’s mind from active addiction through into recovery.  Each section has specific reflective questions for both the addict and the partner to be used as a workbook or within couples therapy sessions.  For anyone who better wants to understand the internal workings of a sex addict’s mind.